In Telephassa we rewrite the myth, through physical & virtual platforms for the  minorities to challenge the dominant narratives.

The journey of Telephassa will be traced and told by collecting the hidden stories of marginalized groups, through storytelling, artistic expression, and societal and intellectual criticism.

Together, we will put the pieces back together and form our new concepts.

Welcome to Telephassa Universe

The story begins with

Telephassa is running through the forset, trying to escape from the ghouls. Her face slashed by the sharp branches and blood from her wounded feet waters the forest soil, she trips over the thick tree roots coveing the soil.. and with no sight of the moon in the sky, she can’t see anything, filled with exhaustion and despair, Telephassa covers her eyes and cries like she never had before.

Suddenly she hears a delicate sound of a water streem, she slowly gets up and follow the sound… the more the sweet melody of the stream gets stronger and clearer, the less she hears the ghouls awful roaring .

Until finally she walks into a field of many watersprings, of many Oyouns, she steps into the waters immersing herself, to wash away all of the agony and stood up again with a new body and soul, she greeted the sun as it’s rising, it is her moment of rebirth.

What is Telephassa Universe ?

Telephassa is a non profit cultural organization based in Berlin, Aims to provide new platforms for overlooked ethnic and sexual minorities . 

we work on supporting and carving a space for the Diaspora of North and Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean region, and reforcing the historic and cultural ties between the three of them.

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