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Art exhibition

Telephassa meets Apollo on the shores of the sea of that country whose sun has not yet risen. Telephassa sits and listens with interest, while Apollo tells the story of HARKUN, The Outcasts who were born and found themselves facing everyone.

The Gazelle


The Gazelle was not just a statue, but a symbol of resistance, and the destruction of patriarchal, central and colonial structures.

Frankly Podcast


In Frankly Podcast , Ahmed and Tazir do not hold back when they recount stories of their daily misadventures and obstacles in life ,By talking to different people, from different backgrounds, the podcast focuses on stories of immigrants, minorities, Outcasts and the oppressed individuals in their communities, who share their struggles and reflect on society's view on them, a Podcast with honest, open, and frank voices, tell their stories without any redlines or censorship.



More details coming soon