Panel Discussion: The dialectic of revolution and chaos in Libya,

An insider's view on Libya and Norrh Africa.

A talk with Ahmed and Tazir the author of (The Shari'a of humankind) discussing topics of activism, religion and the North African diaspora in Berlin.

The journey of Telephassa continues by revisiting the revolutions in NAWA regions and how they shaped our collective identities today.

Many thanks to the audience and everybody who shared with us their thoughts and questions.


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Launching Frankley Podcast Season 1

Telephassa Universe Launching the First Season From Frankley Podcast.

Join Ahmed @bakkhoos and Tazir @tazzirr in Frankly podcast where they talk about their daily misadventures, reflect on discrimination in society and share stories of creative guests from different cultural backgrounds.

Frankly podcast is a platform for immigrants and people from cultural and sexual minorities who speak their mind loudly and feel free to be funny, vulnerable and unique .


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A video clip from the first episode of Frankly's podcast with Ammar Hatem


 First Look Event

Are you ready to challenge dominant narratives and rewrite the myth? Are you ready to hear the stories and perspectives of those who have been overlooked? Join us at the Telephassa First Look Event and be a part of the journey.

At Telephassa, @Tele.phassa we share hidden stories through storytelling and artistic expression. Come and experience the power of storytelling and artistic expression.

Tazir (@tazzirr) and Bákkhos (@bakkhoos ) come together to create Telephassa ​UNIVERSE. Through their experience as writers and podcasters, their journalistic and cultural work, and their interests in overlooked minorities and marginalized regions, they create TELEPHASSA UNIVERSE, a project that combines fantasy with cultural activism and events.


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